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At KAPLESHWAR we believe in Consistent after sale Service.We believe every product we dispense is related to the Integrity of After Sale Service We provide .All Our Products come with 1 Year International Warranty. We have a dedicated team to address all service related issues.

It is important that every frame you wear has to be perfectly aligned and fitted on the face. You can drop in to the store anytime to ensure to get this service done to ensure perfect vision.

Nose Pads are critical for a comfortable eyewear experience. One should get their nose pads Cleaned and Adjusted time to time to Enjoy Wearing the Best eyewear at all times.

Soldering at Kapleshwar is done as a Special Service. Please remember that soldering is a temporary solution and can be decided based on type of Frame.We can also change to a new frame and deliver immediately in a case where Soldering may not be possible.

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